The choice to buy in Eagle, Idaho seemed crazy to so many of our friends and family from all over the country.  We weren’t from the area.  I grew up on the east coast of the United States and my husband, Chris, grew up in a military family.  Taking after his father’s footsteps and spending over 20 years in the Coast Guard, a landlocked state like Idaho seemed to be the last choice we would make. At Chris’s military retirement ceremony the Commanding Officer of the base during his speech pointed out that Boise was over 500 miles from any beach coast.  It also snows! So why Boise?!?

What many people don’t know is that Boise is high desert with the downtown elevation being close to 2700 feet.  There are a definitive four seasons with summer being sunny and hot, but without the humidity that has you sweating when you walk outside.  The winters are very mild with little snowfall, but surrounded by mountains for the winter adventurer.  From anywhere in Boise you are a short commute from work or fun.  Head over to Lucky Peak Dam for a boat ride or fishing on the weekend or go tubing down the Boise River that is tangled throughout the area.

Did I mention that Boise is known as the city of trees? There are irrigation canals that run in every direction.  Neighborhoods that receive very little rain throughout the year are green with impeccable landscaping.  My husband and I sit outside at dusk almost every evening enjoying the cooling temperature of the evening and the fact that there are no bugs eating us alive.  We have had our fair share of screened porches and we are thrilled to have one no longer!

Safety was also a major concern for us as we do have four elementary school aged children and wanted them to be raised in a great area. We read the statistics and were very happy with the low crime rate as well.  People are friendly here, too.  A trip to the DMV in other states has been a dreaded nightmare.  We were so pleasantly surprised at how efficient they were that we even had time to catch lunch afterwards while we still had a babysitter! Idaho Power even uses a hydroelectric system that keeps electric costs to consumers super low.

All in all we are thrilled with our choice.  I will get into further detail in my blog posts on so many other factors (ie. best downtown, cost of living, quality of life, outdoors, etc.) that make the Boise area such a great place to live, raise a family, go to college, and just enjoy the outdoors. If you already live in the area I would love to hear feedback on why you love Boise!